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Author: Jennifer Luo

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Have you just established a new company and are ready to start marketing?  Are you looking to increase publicity for your company? It’s nearly impossible for someone to purchase products or services from you without knowing you exist. As important as marketing may be, you only have so much time and resources to dedicate to advertising. In order to avoid overspending in areas that produce a low return on your investment, finding key areas of advertising is critical to your success.

To help you identify these key investment areas, We have compiled some tips to help you create visibility for your business.

Tip #1 – Build an Online Presence

Engaging through Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways of increasing public awareness of your business. The immense number of global users on social media platforms and the hours those people invest online, social media allows you to reach out to more people and build your presence in the online community. To maximize your presence on social media platforms:

  1. Know your audience

Your audience influences the platforms you choose to advertise on. If you are targeting the younger generation of online users, for example, you may use platforms like Instagram and TikTok whereas you may advertise on Facebook when targeting a more mature demographic. In order to maximize the success of your advertisement, analyze user responses to find your best audience and tailor your posts towards them to keep your viewers engaged.

  1. Maintain the account

Uploading regularly and keeping your social media account updated will keep followers engaged and well-informed

  1. Invest in Quality

Well-produced images and clips bring your product to life and attract customers to your company. More than just pixels on a screen, quality graphics create an experience for its viewers. Spending time on fine-tuning your skills in photography and photoshop or hiring a graphic designer could be just what you need to maximize your marketing success and customer feedback.

“Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’re about experiences” – Mike DiLorenzo, NHL Social Media Marketing Director

Tip #2 – Establish a Physical Presence

Just as important as an online presence, establishing a physical presence in your community is key to creating visibility and generating revenue for your company. As opposed to social media postings, physically printed media takes on a tangible presence in people’s lives, an essential factor in landing sales. Even with our transition into a digital world, print advertising remains a viable form of marketing with an average of $25 billion spent annually on print advertising by U.S. companies from 2015 to 2019. Furthermore, this form of advertisement is able to stay in front of people’s eyes for an extended period of time whereas ads on social media, for instance, are rarely viewed for more than a minute. Two ways to maximize sales through advertisement is (1) staying in front of people’s eyes (2) standing out amongst competitors.

Staying in Focus

The first step to gaining traction through print advertising is designing a method to stay in front of people’s eyes for an extended period of time is key to your success as a marketer. You may, for instance, advertise at a diner[LINK] that will showcase your company ad on their placemats and mugs where customers will interact with your ad for about 1-2 hours as opposed to the few seconds a digital consumer may be exposed to your ad for. Additionally, some restaurants attach takeout menus with advertisements on them which makes it into people’s homes, further exposing them to potential customers.

After your advertisement makes it onto menus and into people’s homes, how will you make yours stand out amongst all the other ads?

Just like for any social media post, investing in your ad design is crucial to marketing success. After all, how much could a viewer really trust your product when the ad itself lacks quality? Investing time in the design will allow you to stand out to viewers that have passed by a competing ad. In addition to your design, finding places where you will be the only one in your field to be advertised will ensure that someone who is looking for your services will choose you. Ensuring an ad at these key locations[LINK] makes your ad exclusive and can greatly increase your chances of landing and securing sales.

Establishing a Positive Image

Along with the physical production of material advertisements, there arises the question of production ethics. The materials and processes you use to produce your ads shape your advertiser’s image and is often a deciding factor for customers presented with similar products. In the production of print advertisements, the company’s choice of vegan inks over regular, deleterious inks tells the customer about the company’s values and sense of moral duty towards their community which is a strong point of attraction for many customers.

The interdependent nature of our capitalistic economy requires the collaboration between different company organizations, so choosing who to work with is another facet to consider in building your company’s image. Partnering with companies that have already established a positive image, either through their reliability, dedication to ethical business practices, or involvement in charities[LINK], is a smart choice.

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